• Ive played the game for a good 6 hours and i play archer all the time, but its really under powered, it takes 1 - 2 hits to be killed be takes 3- 5 hits to kill someone with the bow which is weird because by 2 hits the player has hidden or ran away so you never get the kill.

  • I think the archer is fine the way it is. It just takes practice. I was just in a server playing against a guy that almost never missed. Try aiming for the head, also there are two different types of arrows. One is better against heavily armored targets, the other is great against MAA and fellow archers. You can try aiming at people that are already bloodied. Just watch out for your teammates. I think everyone is getting tired of getting picked of by their teammate when they were getting ready to unleash a killing blow to an enemy.

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