=SM= SneakyMonkeys.com EU, Recruiting!

  • The =SM= SneakyMonkeys.com clan is a primarily EU based clan with 40+ members, TS3, 3 Games servers (1x64 slot TO server, 2x 50 slot servers and a 24 slot duel server) and typically English speaking. We are sponsored by Sennheiser gaming headphones. We do not ask our members for mandatory subscriptions or donations. Our 64 and 50 slot servers are consistently in the world top 10, with the limited archer server being ranked #1 in the world for well over 2 years. We’ve served over 40000 chivalry players since we started our servers.

    We were originally an old BF2 clan, operating since 2005ish (soon to be 10years and counting, so I think we’re pretty stable :glee:) however some of us less happy with the way battlefield has gone have branched to other games such as Chivalry

    The clan is run by a system of majority vote, so if someone wants to make a change e.g. remove 3rd person, we start a vote and the majority decides the direction. Having the power split equally between everyone helps prevent a lot of the melodrama and bickering typically seen within clans.

    Our Rules (2 main ones)

    No Racist language - for any reason
    No Intentional TKing

    The full list of server rules is here and the full list of clan rules is here

    Recruitment Status: Recruitment Status Link

    We DO NOT recruit based on “skill” as we prefer to have a good bunch of sociable people ranging from competition high level to relative beginners rather than a few socially awkward and often arrogant misfits who believe many hours practice = some sort of personal superiority*

    We do however ask that people wishing to join have logged a bare minimum of 30+ hours on the SM servers and 200 hours in chivalry in general. The recruitment process is listed here but the gist is make a post then the rest of the clan members make a majority vote on your joining or not which to give enough time to get an opinion can take up to a couple of weeks. So even with 20+ hours on the server - be friendly and get yourself known to the existing members (before asking to join!) as clan members only vote yes to people they’ve had experience playing with. We also occasionally (but rarely) invite people to join.

    Also we have a less than 40% acceptance rate for people asking to join, so don’t be disheartened if we say no because we don’t know you well enough atm.


    Steam group: Here
    Current Admin list: Here
    Request Admin assistance: Here
    IRC Channel: Here

    +Admins should follow the same rules as public members (possibly even more strictly). In the rare event of admin power abuse, please report it (with evidence) either on the SM forums or via monkeyfiend@gmail.com. There is an option to refer reports to an independent 3rd party.

    *people who say things like rekt, 360noscope, swag, topkek etc"

    Please note this post is purely informational. If you have complaints/compliments please address them on the SM site rather than posting here.

    thanks for reading

    =SM= MonkeyFiend

  • ** Recruitment Update Post **

    Public recruitment is currently OPEN!

    (Our recruitment has been closed for 3 months, we’re re-opening it for a brief period)

    Recruitment details are here:

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