Im still banned.

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    Knifelegs replied on Yesterday at 02:53 AM #6
    The mods are working to resolve your issue. Unfortunately the mods do not control global bans and we cannot react quickly on our own to lift global bans put in place by TBS. Like I said in my prior PM to you, we really do apologize for the time it’s taken for us to resolve this. I’ll try to have an answer for you soon.


    Really Kinfelegs? It seems like your fucking kidding me. This is the biggest discrimination ever. Your doing all the efforts? Then why im banned since the 23/02 and no one is doing anything? OR at least TELLING ME WHY IM BANNED.
    No one, And i mean NO ONE in the history of thie game needed to wait so long for answers after he got banned. This is aint a murder case. 10 Minutes check at your system should solove problem. Im tired of asking you to check, And its quite clear that you dont give a ****. So Im asking again, check this already. I’ll sware to god that because this case is so ugly, I’ll get to speak with the founder of Torn banner and if i have to i’ll sue this company (Yes, I know what you think now, Sue’s a video game company? Funny i know, Still possible and dont underestimate me).

    I PAID for this game, I DESERVE a proper customer care. Dont want me to unban me? Tell me why im banned. BASICS.

    So, Please, Im asking nice again, Check 10 minutes at your system why im banned and do something about it. I cant stand it that for more than 2 weeks now your answer is we will check it and your not doing anything. Something stinks here.

  • There is no “system” for us mods. TBS guys handle the global bans.

    You got banned for going off about “fucking jews” etc. I think in the context you were obviously riling up someone who was previously saying that stuff to you. Anyway, TBS deals global bans for racism (which is good) but this was probably a case of mistaken identity.

    I asked for you to be unbanned yesterday but it’s the weekend so yeah.

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