Server issues

  • Hello people

    I recently started to host a dedicated Chivalry: Medieval Warfare server for me, my friends and public.
    Now after some problems with maps ( it gave me errors about an SDK but that was fixed by reinstalling the server ) i am having a weird problem.

    After a few hours of running ( i can not tell you how long ) the chivalry server just crashes out of nowhere.
    There is no error in the log ( the log just stops halfway a line ) and no error message on the screen of the server, there isnt even a sign telling me the server crashed, i only find it out the hard way by people complaining the server is down.

    Here are my server specs if needed:

    Physical server:

    Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04.1Processor : Intel i7-2600 3.4Ghz Quad core
    RAM : 16Gb DDR3
    Harddisk(s) : 2x3TB SAS Disk in RAID1 Configuration

    Virtual Server (This virtual machine is running on the physical server, this virtual machine runs the chivalry server)

    Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2Processor : KVM Virtual processor ( 4 out of 8 Cores assigned )
    RAM : 10Gb DDR3 ( 10 out of 16 Gb assigned )
    Harddisk(s) : Virtual disk with 200GB space

    I hope someone can help me as i have no idea what to do about this…



  • I have similar problems when running custom maps. My server would crash once a day with default maps but with custom maps, the server would simply lock up. What seems to be happening is that the server gets stuck at the end of a map and fails to rotate out. Players see the map loading screen and it never loads. I can usually hop on the server, log in as admin and change the maps. Sometimes I have to reboot the server.

    There doesnt seem to be any pattern as when these maps fail to rotate, it can be any map. I have tried to keep a record of which maps this happens to but it can be random. But once a map fails, then it will continue to fail to rotate. It also appears that it seems to happen every 16 - 19 map rotation as I have tried to remove the offending map but I have even had maps that i know work, that I will adminMapChange to, play the map then it will fail to rotate out.

    I have posted about this several times and have not gotten any response or a clue as to why it is happening.

  • I only run standard maps and indeed it just stops running.
    But my server is completely unreachable untill i restart it, i cant change map or anything.

  • Yeah this has also been happening since release. If you are renting a server, set up a daily restart of the server, usually like 2 am. This will auto reboot the server once a day and that will help sync up the crash with the reboot. If you are hosting it yourself try and find a program that can restart a crashed server.

  • Hey,

    same over here.
    Played some custom maps, whitenest, ontheedge, helms deep, all frozen after that.
    Visit the winserver and saw that the RAM-Usage went down. -200kB every sec around till the server needed only 7.75MB.
    Server was running for 15 hours, think i will try to write a script that log how often that occurs.
    But btw my server never crashed during map change, the maps ran for 5-10 minutes all fine.

    Or have one of you an special idea what to do?

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