I'm gonna go ahead and call out YANNIBLAZE

  • Begin rant

    Never had an issue with Yanniblaze until today but not only was the fool team killing for no reason, but also proceeded to literally threaten to kill, and wished he could kill and murder people yes in real life. Screaming at the top of his lungs meanwhile scoreboard: k 8 d 24 blaming everyone but himself for losing. Anyway to ban this guy? Level 47? Anyone want to explain why the top dogs on Chivalry 360 either have their heads so far up their arse or are complete psychos?

    Quit ruining gaming. Some of us come off of JOBS completely exhausted and look foreward to signing on.

    Avoid Yanniblaze,
    Kick him
    I dont care what crappy day you are having that is not a damn excuse.

    End rant.

  • Is the rank system different on the crossbox, sure seems like it.

  • Isn’t there a mute function?

  • @lemonater47:

    Isn’t there a mute function?

    I did mute him and so did everyone else, doesn’t stop him from jumping in literally on every match we play to squeeze in a team kill or two before getting kicked.

    Just avoid playing with that dude. Mainly giving a heads up to everyone that he is the biggest douche I’ve crossed so far.

  • Yanniblaze isn’t that horrible… Just a bit misunderstood maybe. Also your comment about all the “top dogs” is a very inaccurate assumption. I will agree that allot of them are complete idiots but I’ve met most of them and there not as horrible as you make them out to be Spartacus. Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess…

  • what xbox has douches as well? you should try the pc version lol

  • not all of them are the same u never spoke to me how can u say who i am? FLYIN6DUTCHM4N

  • I gotta say this about Yanniblaze…he was one of the first players that I talked to in-game, and was very helpful.

  • Teamkillers are the absolute worse.

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