I unlocked all the Achievements!

  • Yeah! I just unlocked all achievements !

    The hardest was the 10000 arrows, I will not use NEVER the short bow! (I unlocked this achievement after archers lost the “X2 rear damage”)

    I thought something happens when you unlock all achievements of one game, but nothing happens, only a :
    (You unlocked all Achievements for this game, Congratulations!)

    I wanted to say it, I’m really happy with it!

    I think this is the game that I played the most hours.
    Thanks TB!

  • There’s still two locked for me. The shortbow one, and also for some reason the achievement for burning the pyre on hillside. Given how most of the achievements have been taking turns being bugged and unobtainable since release, getting all of them legitimately is pretty hard lol.

  • @Oy:

    the achievement for burning the pyre on hillside


  • Too lazy to get hillside pyre one.
    Shortbow cheevo was pretty fun though.

  • Fire nemises does actually work properly now. I think the only bugged achievements now are the time based ones.

  • The shortbow one should be any arrows instead tbh, I still got like 4k shortbow arrows left.

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