Broadsword or norse sword and whqt secondary to use?

  • I can’t decide, broadsword or Norse sword. Also what secondary to use on each class? I use Messer on knight and zweihander on vanguard, so I’m guessing blunt weapons. But what secondaries for archer and maa

  • Norse sword

    just use whatever the fastest wep is on secondary, most draggable wep on primary.

  • Broad sword on maa, norse on knight, either shortsword or dane axe as a vanguard and shortsword as an archer. As a MAA secondary the Tdagger is always a good choice, or shortsword.

  • I normally use norse sword after broadsword got nerfed, but i dont remember a huge difference between them.

  • Archer dagger spam FTW. Ok I dont play archer but that is probably one of the most op weapon spam class for secondary.

  • Daggers are too short to be effective for archers tbh, they’re far better for MAA’s, yet weapons such as broadsword and dane axe outclass Tdagger by far. Daggers are easy to fight, you can 9/10 times matrix them and that tenth time you have to parry.

  • Don’t use secondaries, zweihänder your way through the battlefield, just remember to use a lot of accelerated attacks and do some sick range plays. You will rekt MAAs and archers easily. Oh CFTP too, gotta use that a lot.

    But if you really need secondaries, I believe short sword is the most broken OP of them, so obvious choice. Stab, stab riposte, stab feints, stab into overheads are all you need. Be careful with trades and gamblers thou

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