Official Server List?

  • I’ve recently read about how some servers on the server list are labeled as “official” when they are, in fact, not. I’ve also noticed that some of the “official” server names are labeled something like “insert other stuff here #1” and but then later I’ll notice another “official” server labeled “insert other stuff here #01” – which of these is actually an official server, or are they both official servers?

    A list of all the official servers would be nice, but I think it would be even better if the non-low-rank-only official servers were also color coded (presumably in a way that you can’t imitate when setting up a server, though idk if it’s possible to restrict that or not).

  • There is a list somewhere but there are no admins on those servers unless you call them on their cell phones so probably better with alternatives.

  • Okay, that still doesn’t answer my initial question though. :moody:

  • There is actually no currently up-to-date list because the names and numbers tend to get jumbled up once in a while.

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