Ideas for various uses

    1. Give the chance to destroy a shield only by using weapons like Maces/warhammer (blunt weapons)

    2. Give vanguard a special attack with the halberd to attach it in the enemy shield, with a chance you may Remove Temporarly the shield that will fall down in the terrain like an object. You can press E and recover the shield if you can.

    3. Lower resistance to vanguard from Crossbow Darts or special arrows, they are wearing chain armor not plate like Knights.

    4. Fire pots should do more damage to Knights and vanguards, since they are in full plate or full chain. It would be nice if by fire therse a chance that you throw down shield or weapons for the high heat that its unbearable to substain.

    5. Give the knight a special attack with 2 handed weapons, “to locK” enemy weapons with the hilt of the weapon and give a chance to counterattack, without giving cooldown to block ability , for example :

    Someone hits you with a sword, you block it istantly, after that another hit comes from another direction and you block it with the hilt of the weapon , after that you attack istantly.

    1. Maybe not destroy the shield, but mangle it to where you can’t have as wide of block radius.

    2. If you attach it to the enemies shield, then drop it. you would drop your weapon too, therefore making the shield mostly worthless, i really don’t see the point.

    3. Agreed.

    4. Throwing down their weapons is a little cheesy, even if it is realistic. It just wouldn’t fit in. I do support the idea of the fire pots doing more damage.

    5. I do support the idea of locking the enemies weapon with your 2h sword, but the instant counter attack wouldn’t make sense, in real life you would still need to “cool down”.

  • Vanguards already take more damage from arrows and bolts than Knights, while not having access to shields to defend themselves from them.

    The rest of your suggestions don’t fit the spirit of the game.

  • up dont want it dead, please some dev read

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