Cannot find *some* servers

  • I’ve been playing on a select few official servers for the past few weeks (#17, 23, 25, and 29 are coming to mind iirc), but today when I looked on the server list, none of those servers are listed anymore, and they don’t show up in my history either. I can’t find a single official TO server with latency below 100 now–what’s going on here? I can find plenty of other servers, but none of them are official TO servers with any reasonable latency for me.

  • Several things maybe at play. One is that the server maybe down. There was also a recent patch that may have rest the tick rate of the servers increasing the ping which your filter would stop from showing up. Another possible reason for those servers not showing up is that if the server crashes or is rebooted, it may not show up in the browser until someone joins it. On my server, sometimes it takes a while for Steam to pick up the server after a reboot or crash. I know the server is up and running cause I started it and can see it from my client. But it will not show in the server browser till I do the OPEN command and join the server.

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