Glitches and errors involving chiv

  • I need help I bought the base game AND the dlc but now when I try to play CDW it just starts CMW its so annoying I was actually able to play before but I reset my computer and now I am stuck with only CMW this is an issue I wish to solve immediately since I had very high levels on all classes but now I am stuck without it plz I wish to find advice from game developers who can fix this for me but I am accepting help from just the community

  • Maybe the DLC isn’t installed. Try rightclicking on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare in your steam library and click “View Downloadable Content”… If the Deadliest Warrior box is unticked, tick it. If it is ticked then untick it, close the window, open the window and tick it again. Also try restarting steam. If none of this work try validating integrity of game chache. I don’t know what else you can do if this doesn’t work either.

  • Are you ticking “Deadliest Warrior” after booting Chivalry: Medieval Warfare?

  • If you are launching DW with a desktop shortcut, that unfortunately no longer works for some reason. It just launches MW.

    Does this happen when you right click Chivalry in your Steam library and select Deadliest Warrior?

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