Bonus Points for Killing "Elite" Players in FFA Matches

  • The idea: If someone gets say 5 kills in a row without being killed then they get a little “shoutout” like “So-In-So is On a Rampage: 5 kills in a row!” and also an announcement that whoever kills him first will get a few extra points.

    The result:, more people will attack the elite player, making it tougher for him and giving a slight break to the noob who keeps getting slammed every 3 seconds (as everyone will focus on the elite player for a bit). But it also gives props to the elite players and lets everyone know who they are and how well they are doing.

  • I like the idea of achievements you can earn in game. (or as you put it, shout out). but I don’t think you should be made a target. You should get a slight reward, maybe your next hit does more damage, or you take less.

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