SDK downloading FAILED

  • Hello guys. Need some help over here please.

    Heres the thing; I use the sdkservertool.exe to download a list of custom mods/maps for my server, but lately when i try to download something it gets stuck at the middle of the download and then it says “failed” (or at least thats what i can read since it auto-closes so rapidly).

    Anyone with the same issue? Devs i need some help pls.

    Thank you all-

  • Managed to get a screenshot.

  • Ok why are you using sdkservertool.exe to get SDK maps? Just get on the workshop and subscribe to the custom maps that you want and they will down load and install. If you are wanting them on your server, goto the sdk folder on your local machine and upload them via FTP up to your server in the same file location. If you are hosting a server then you don have to do anything.

  • Yes i’ve done that before but maybe Filezilla will work better this time. The sdkservertool method used to work :(

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