Best video cards low/high spec

  • I would recommend the Asus Geforce GT730 Low profile 2gb Ddr3 ram.
    its just a heatsink and very small in case but has managed to play Chivalry with
    settings low with not one single crash over a week. Considering its running Quakelive
    plus my Two 23inch lg screens also while I play Chivalry is amazing for a low profile card.
    Ideal for a tv pc and semi gaming system. 8/10 stars.

    will update as other video cards tested on Chivalry

    Do you own or know of some computer hardware you can recommend here?

  • i have an old i5 2500k

    still goin strong after all these years

  • Processor is not video card though.

  • o

    well i have a 7870, was pretty cheap when i bought it and it can max out all console games

  • Thats a good video card tbh Mr Z. However if some of you are stuck in between upgrades and rigs the low profile
    card suggested is ideal for Chivalry until your rig is ready/upgraded. Its very small, heatsink no fan, plus incredibly
    low powered hardly denting the Electricity bill.

    Another Low profile card to consider is here :>
    Not only is this quiet ie no fan but its using ddr5. Asap one comes into my mitts I will let the community know how
    it performs and plays chivalry also.
    Remember these cards make near silent computer builds if you really want quiet gaming sometimes

  • I have a 7950, good card only problem I have is some games I have to turn off all AA otherwise it crashes(screen goes black and flashes sometimes, then says display adapter has crashed or something like that), and I have no idea why. Maybe I should have stuck with nvidia.

  • @zombojoe:

    i have an old i5 2500k

    still goin strong after all these years

    I can top that with my i5-650.

    Graphics card is a GTX770. Pretty much enough horsepower to play both today’s games and the near future’s games without complications and I like to be using a somewhat reliable card instead of owning the “newest of the newest” card that hasn’t been properly tested.

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    Am I going mad, do the gaps between words seem to be non existent after writing threads/posts?

    That card mention in my link is using 2gb of DDR 5 ram. Low profile card with more DDR 5 ram the most gtx cards of old.
    Some of us upgrade often so bearing in mind the new gen of video cards can cost £400 upwards these new
    generation of low profile cards fit just nicely while silent in a case but allow basic gaming to continue.

    I might pick up a GTX770 out of interest one day mr Rickvs tbh.
    Lastly I can report not one Chivalry crash at all in many days of using my gt 730 2gb ddr3 low profile card. Considering
    Crashes were expected at least once a week when my gtx580’s were in use. Even 3 sli way had an occasional crash tbh.

  • well my GPU is super loud, i got what i paid for :P

  • Strange as it might seem after switching the low profile gt730 for one of my gtx580’s , later that day I had my first
    Chivalry crash for a week. It could be stuff to do with high end video cards and Chivalry, even phys X nvidia.
    Here is my compared list:

    Card A
    GTX 580 twin frozr
    Memory Type GDDR5
    Memory Size(MB) 1536
    Memory Interface 384 bits
    Core Clock Speed(MHz) 800
    Crashed in Chivalry on first day of use but only once so far.

    Card B
    Geforce GT730 2gb
    Memory Type GDDR3
    Memory Size(MB) 2gb
    Memory Interface 64 bits
    Core Clock Speed(MHz) 700
    No crashes of Chivalry at all for nearly a week of use.

    The conditions were the same being only played Team objective mode and on same spec computer for both cards.
    My guess is could it be the Memory Interface being just 64bits and lower clock speed on the low profile card is
    less likely to crash running chivalry as its an older game/code?

  • Just a Quickie to say I set the PhysX to my cpu with my gtx580 in system. Thus far not a single crash.
    If you can get a low profile card that runs Chivalry its a wise move tbh. Noise and power saved is excellent imo.

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