Feint to Parry with 1 button.

  • Hello! Skip to the red section for the configuration trick.

    As I’m sure most people using the forums know, it is possible to FtP (Feint to Parry) with a single button press. This massively increases FtP speed, and therefore success rate, compared to double clicking.

    This is achieved in game, by simply changing a couple input settings in your configuration.

    I think it is best explained through an image.


    There are two columns for button assignment, primary and secondary columns.
    There are two inputs in particular we are interested in. Parry, and feint.

    Ensure that your feint(melee only) button is set to RMB (right mouse button) in the primary column.

    Now, ensure that your parry button is set to RMB in the secondary column.
    Also, ensure that your parry primary is set to a random key (that you won’t use).

    Of course you should be able to do this with any mouse button or key, but RMB feels the most natural and quick for me.

    Also, depending on what you set your feint primary to (there are two feint buttons in the configuration, they both do almost the same thing) you can still feint normally.

    In my configuration I can press RMB and do an instant parry, even if I am in windup. It works totally like a normal parry except that I can parry during my windup (for a small stamina cost, ~15).

    I can also feint during my windup by pressing Q.

    Is this a good or a bad thing??

    It speeds up FtP reaction times = less hit trades.
    It feels smoother for the player = less confusion/frustration.
    It is already balanced because it costs feint stamina to use it = not that abusable.
    More options = less commitment to a strike, more intuitive gameplay.

    Only some people know about it = unfair advantage.
    There is almost no animation = confusion when someone performs a fast FtP.
    Most people are used to a different system = people don’t like change.

    I recommend everyone uses this configuration. It makes gameplay much more intuitive and easy to follow, atleast for the person using it. The person to whom it just happened might be confused, because he can’t really see anything, but he will get used to it.

    I am on the fence whether or not you should be able to riposte off of a FtP. It already has a large stamina cost, feint + parry, which nerfs it. But it also already has the huge perk of not getting hit.
    At the end of the day I think more options for people is better, so riposte should stay in, but maybe a nerf is required there.

    Good luck on the battlefield! And have fun with your new settings!

  • Q to RMB is better.

  • But using the CfTP bind hinders your ability to perfectly parry feints or drags. Q->RMB is better.

  • I use RMB > RMB

  • I never had any problems ftping without any macros.

  • RMB -> RMB, I’m stuck in my ways.
    Never had an issue landing a proper cftp

  • I use the single button and the manual feint to parry almost equally.

    As others have stated, if you use the single button you can have your feint to parry feinted or dragged around so you only want to use it when you really need the speed.

    I use Mouse 4 -> RMB to do it manually.

  • I got the CftP bind on Q and feint on E so I usually do E->RMB or E->Q depending on the situation.

  • I just double tap right click. Only casuals need boosters ;)

  • Q to RMB for me.
    I tried the edit once, got rekt by simple drags, never again.

    Nice topic, btw.

  • @Rickvs:

    Q to RMB for me.
    I tried the edit once, got rekt by simple drags, never again.

    Nice topic, btw.

    after a while you’ll learn to use q (I use e) for slow ftp’s and an rmb bound ftp macro for fast ftp’s. It takes some time though.

  • The biggest advantage I find for this is how easy it is to bait people so you can get an easy riposte. SoW plus this bind in pub is lethal: bait a hit trader to go for a trade by starting a swing, click right mouse button to ftp, followed by a riposte stab. You can of course do the same without the bind, but doing it this way makes it trivial even for new players.

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    Q -> RMB is still possible with this set up, it just also allows me to do an instant FTP if I need to.

    Some people might say two button presses doesn’t take much time compared to 1, but I think it speeds things up tremendously.

    And I still have the option to use two buttons ( Q -> RMB ) if I want to.

    I just think everyone deserves to know about this bind because it gives an unfair advantage to those who know it.

  • Yet another example of the lengths players will go to for advantage over others. Lets add macro’s to the list
    of exploits in this game. Back in the day true even scripted rocket jumps were a ban and any macro /multibinds etc.
    One has to ask if any true duellists still exist in fps gaming that just rely on old fashion skills without any aids
    or tricks to mislead opponents tbh

  • You don’t need the bind to play at a top level; it’s purely a preference thing. It’s an argument over whether you should have to press a button once or twice. I don’t use it and do just as well if not better than some who do.

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