Steam machines the future, do we need them


    The big guns are incoming each with its own model.
    I predict even clans forming to defent its brand/model
    in all games. So you can have clans across all games
    who are infact tied to a Machines name/fanbase.

    Would you be a Zotac Knight or a Digital Storm Warrior?
    what about an Alternate Fighter or one of the Rog Gr8s?

    These big companies might pay steam gamers to
    form clans for each ones machine and have leagues.

    Loins predictions.:pride:

  • I don’t think clan sponsership is out of the question (perfectly suitable product for it), but beyond that I doubt there’s much momentum behind Steam Machines when it comes to “hardcore” gamers.

    I do like the little Zotac boxes though.

  • The overpriced ones really hurt the brand tho, converting buyers are gonna come in and suddenly all the rumors of $5000 build necessities come true under their own eyes. They won’t be able to discern that it’s a ‘free’ brand and those builds are practically scams.

  • Well to hobbyists / system builders tbh most do tend to forget the majority of pc gamers and alike don’t actually
    build or know anything about computers as long as the On button works and it plays the games they like.
    I myself would always go for Asus stuff esp motherboards. My guess would be 1000 to 1 odds of non pc
    builders etc.

  • What about the Origin Omega ? who comes up with these names ? retired autobots ?.. Imagine the clan tag OO
    Why not name one HTB . My idea - Hal The Biscuit - with a cup and biscuit holder for my Horlicks and Pink wafers.

  • Upcoming news tbh which has changed my mind about purchasing any steam machines.

  • “Open the biscuit tray doors, Hal”

    “I’m sorry, Loin. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

  • what does that have to do with steam machines? the fact they are outdated already?

  • I will watch that movie again tbh mr dudeface, I do like hal. If Chivalry runs perfectlly fine on linux? it might be
    worth installing on the Skylake rig I will build later in the year.

  • 5th-generation Core desktop chips can hit 5GHz on air cooling

  • @loin:

    5th-generation Core desktop chips can hit 5GHz on air cooling

    sounds like its time to upgrade

  • @zombojoe:

    sounds like its time to upgrade

    Hmm well as I am rather flushed for the pretty green atm due to a few sales on the bay of pc parts, I am scratching
    my beak atm considering just purchasing a nice Titan X, to quell the upgrade rig syndrome the hobbyists get often.

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