Intentional Warping with wifi

  • After researching into the wifi gameing it seems with a few settings
    a player can infact be better off with wifi as it creates out of sync combat.

    If you look at Quakelive forums and some other games its actually epidemic
    usages to gain upper hand needs to be reviews by developers imo.

    No doubt this added to The Chivalry game makes for a subtle advantage
    in some cases. I doubt you can tell who is infact playing Chivarly via
    wifi or warping on purpose but they are out there.

    some links for reads:

  • Sounds like a bunch of paranoid people to me.

  • Well your just here for a post count posting utter rubbish tbh. Trying to derail threads and sniping at people imo.
    This is a factual thing intentional warping , any server admin operator would know that. My own servers included.

  • Right…

    Well anyway there is a solution to your “problem”. TBS recently added it. They enabled the UE3 speed hacking detection. It kicks everyone on a wifi connection instantly. As well as anyone else who’s lagging. It’s so awful that it will solve your problems. Turn it on for your server.

  • inconsistent wifi hurts the player more than his opponents

    in chiv when i had wifi i literally couldnt parry anyone if anyone in my household was watching youtube

  • @zombojoe:

    inconsistent wifi hurts the player more than his opponents

    in chiv when i had wifi i literally couldnt parry anyone if anyone in my household was watching youtube

    I had the same issues. It’s no advantage at all. Hardwired for the win!

  • I dare say some of you are not as experienced with this. On a bind some players used to increase
    rates/snap and maxpackets. With the wifi lot you can seem to lag at combat and teleport seemingly
    always at the right moment to get that frag.

    In the quake fraternity the ones that know each other tend to avoid
    each other or try to be on same sides.

    If Chivalry’s netcode isn’t that good to start with It might not be even noticeable but a small
    minority will be employing it. I would speculate if you add a wifi mouse and keyboard to an
    already wifi connection with highest priority etc who knows.

  • I sometimes watch YouTube vids while I play, I’ve been told I desync and lag slightly more often when play.

  • Have you ever been in combat with certain players who seem to cause your to spike or lag for a split second
    then your fragged. I would not blame TB for all the conn probs in Chivalry with netcode just to add perhaps
    a lot more players are infact on wifi conns withing the home. This was made from an Unreal mod? Back
    in the day nearly most fps gamers were on land line solid connections in the houses let alone using laptops
    to play high spec games, they were not upto that in those times. When I tried a Three Dongle for my gaming
    connection a year back, I actually stood my ground and even beat some wifi opponents that were very hard
    to even beat with my land line broadband prior.
    All food for thought tbh. Are not most comps still played on solid
    lans at big events for these very reasons. Interesting stuff mr Oy tbh

  • You have an interesting understanding of “punctuation” I must say. It seems random but there is some kind of

  • Well I always have problems with that on this autoformat site. Its bad enough I often miss letters so have to re-edit.
    Thus making other errors hehe. I do need a much bigger screen and glasses which doesn’t help the cause of hurried texts.

  • You do realize that most players of Quake Live, play it in a web browser? Also wireless mouse and keyboard are not the same as wireless networking as they do not use the same bandwidth nor hardware. Either way, even with the best N router, max bandwidth is only 300mbs which in not a lot on top of any delay/lag. I played on wireless for a few years and all it did was increase my ping by 10-20 points.

  • I thought Quakelive was using the browser as the launcher only. Like Chivalry has its own
    front end. Atm I don’t play Quakelive but host a server 24/7. Even less then 3 months
    back I jumped in the 1.32 osp Quake (non browser front end)
    Certain old servers still have peak times tbh. By chance meeting in private chat ingame.
    One person told me to pick any player on the opposite side, by which he then not only
    fought them but was able to 999ping them out of the game or
    lag/spike them for an instant to frag them. After he also did this to one or Two of his side
    to prove a point the admin luckily managed to ban him. No doubt these kinds of nerfarious?
    gamers exist. After all if they can hack major corps with laptops now days. I dare say most
    wifi conmen are not on the same plateau as he was luckily.

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