Fight style and balance

  • 1. Jump and turn around is stupid, please block this.
    2. Two handed weapons and horizontal hits must be slowly. Normally this attack is different, fighter in medieval use only vertical hits for this weapon. Horizontal hits must be slowly, very reduce stamina and results hits is minimal. This hit is weak.
    3. Arrows or bolts is not drons for spy :) please block tracking :)

    Please, this game is not mount and blade.

    4. Medieval Tournament Mode, in this mode fighters is not die, no fatality, rules for dueling, only two fighters hits himself, new arena for this mode, maybe horse and lance. This is very important for organize events in this game.

  • I only support the third suggestion. Since when can you scout with arrows?

  • @Jake:

    Since when can you scout with arrows?

    When press Lmb, press middle button.

  • @Kerk:

    When press Lmb, press middle button.

    I meant in real life. I know how it works in the game.

  • This is a game, not real life.
    By taking away the abillity to perform jump-attacks will decrease the amount of custom fighting style opportunity for each players, and that would be no fun, would it?
    The arrow-cam is great, It doesn’t do much to the balance, this isn’t a first person shooter afterall.

  • The arrow cam by itself almost makes me want to have to field one Archer in competitive play just so we can get feedback on who is approaching from what direction and how many, otherwise, we may be pulling an AoC and doing 0 Archers all over again. It’s a very sneaky and evil way to get more Archers in high level play, but damn I love it.

  • I actually love to see that archers have finally a place in the battlefield, even for clan wars. Fought a rather decent archer with shortbow yesterday, damn his arrows were accurate. A little bit off-topic, but IF archers get a tad bit boosting to certain weapons, then I’d like to believe that they’re for first time perfectly balanced, even in AoC they weren’t :-P Arrowcam is awesome. It motivates me when I see how darn close my arrow gets to the enemy.

  • I agree that it’s pretty awesome watching your shots, doing long shots and then not being able to see your arrow anymore just because of how far you shot doesn’t really tell you how close you got. And it tells you how to adjust your aiming. I just agreed with it simply because it’s not realistic. And yeah, it’s a game. So you can have some cool things :D

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