Realism, shields, parrying, weapons and armor. I need help :)

  • Hey guys I would like to toy with some weapon stats, hit boxes, parry/shield boxes and just weapons and armor stuff in general. I aim to make the combat more realistic, but in a mod that is optional, as most players have their oen conflicting opinions on the topic.

    To start things off, adding passive protection to all weapons and shields, to make offense more difficult, realistic and imo enjoyable.

    I assume this woulf be relativly simple however I do not know where to find these values other than the physical weapons in the weapons test room in the sdk editor, and arent sure if this is the place to edit their global collision values.

    The next step, albeit probably more difficult, would be to edit the sizes of parry and shield boxes. Assuming the passive protection still works whilst blocking, the parry/ shield box could probably be reduced to a very small size. Assuming the parry features of the current game version still work, this would mean a perfect parry/block (cursor aimed at incoming blow) would sfill stagger opponent and give you the window for fast riposte. Likewise not scoring a parry/shield (but still being protected from blow from weapon/shields passive protection) one would actually lose far more stamina and be staggered as if a shield or flesh was struck.

    One thing I would like to toy with but is not neccesary (and the current setting already makes for some awesome gameplay) is allowing a parry to be ‘held down’. A tiny parry box and the passive protection would still provide many windows for an incoming attack to be successful.
    I am not sure how the parry function and animations work, but assuming parry functions work for a set time frame in sync with the animations, which could mean extending the animation for as long as you hold the button without editing the actual parry function could work wonders provided the weapon still provides passive protection. This could actually be awesome, as a timed parry would give you the stagger and riposte, but purely holding the weapon in parry anim for the passive protection would result in you being staggered, and would a la o be much easier to sneak a stab through.

    I did also have the idea of editing armor protection, however I feel to do so to a standard I am happy with the engine/collision engine is a bit limited and the result would be unbalanced. I also feel that in a game based purely on striking without a trapping/disarming/grappling side to combat the changes I would be making to heavy armor would be way too overpowered to be enjoyable or realistic. So probably no changes to armor itself.

    I am asking for some help or guidance to give making this mod a shot, my main questions are where I would find the base values and stats for weapons (especially parry/shield box size and collision type) and for the icing on the cake what I would need to do to start altering the parry animation (hold down indefinitly for passive protection).

    Please feel free to make any comments, but please also keep in mind as this is a planned mod it would of course be optional to use, so if you dont like it there is no need to get nasty in telling me :)

    Cheers, bush.

  • I guess you don’t like feints then.

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