Weapon and shield overhaul for realism. (MOD)

  • Hey guys I am looking to make a mod that I think would alter the combat making it more realistic and IMO enjoyable. It involves 2 changes to weapon/shield stats, and one to a parry animation, although the parry animation change is of low importance.

    At the bottom of this post is a short section explaining why I would like to see these changes (in a toggle-able mod) and my reasonings behind wanting to see these changes if you are interested, as opposed to explaining each part as we go…

    Right, so the first change would be adding passive protection to weapons and shields, to all forms of damage. Keep you heads on don’t panic, the changes to parry/shield boxes will in many ways balance this out. I believe a weapon/shields collision can be changed from no collision to ‘block all’, ‘block weapon’ or ‘block projectile’ amongst other things, but I am clueless on where to find the file I need to edit this stat in.

    • Add passive protection to weapons and shields

    Next step would be to reduce the parry or shield box to a very minimal level (obviously shields could be a bit bigger but this is less important). Assuming I understand the parry/block features, scoring a parry (i.e. hitting their weapon with your parry by pointing at their attack) staggers the opponent more and allows for you to riposte, but getting hit (or passively blocking in the case of this mod) would stagger you more than the opponent, keeping a use for well timed parrys.

    • Reduce parrybox size of weapons to a tiny value

    Last of all, and probably least important but still game changing if possible, is without editing the parrying function, extending the parry animation to last as long as you hold the button. Hopefully the parry (i.e. stagger the attacker, allow for riposte) would stay the same length, but the weapon would remain in parry position/animation until you release the parry button, meaning that after the initial parry, the weapon still gives passive protection in that position, but not the riposte bonus, and staggers you like you have been hit/as per usual. This would become a last resort form of blocking, far less effective with far less potential to launch your own counter attack from.

    • Parry animation to last as long as you hold it, but parry feature to last the default time

    Okay, explanation time :)

    I feel that the game is a little unrealistic for my liking and whether playing with friends, bots (or in the event of this mod getting popular, the public), I would like to see some changes. Rather than bitching to torn banner to screw with the game that so many people like the way it is, I thought I would try to implement the settings I like in an optional mod.
    Why do I want these features? Well, realism, for me, would be more enjoyable than the more casual combat in the game now. Instead of magic blocks and even more magical weapons that can pass through shields and weapons that aren’t ‘active’ at that moment, I would like to bring the game back to the finesse, accuracy is key beta style game-play that unfortunately for torn banner, was just a bit much for the casual fan and thus, a larger market.

    I want to add passive protection to weapons and shields from all weapons and projectiles (not just projectile protection for shields) to make the offence far more realistic. In the same way you cannot cleanly punch someone in the face who has their hands guarding it properly (despite not actively blocking - passive protection if you will), you should not be able to swing a sword through someone’s left side through their shield. (In fact shields, barring a few specialised parrying shields, were far more effective when used as passive protection whilst making an attack of your own in one to one combat (leaving group tactics out of this).)

    Now, that is all fine and dandy, but with the current size of parry boxes (and shield boxes to a lesser extent), this would also be unrealistic and slow the game down too much. You cannot have passive protection AND huge invisible magic squares that block damage in the direction you are facing. So by reducing these parry boxes to a size no larger than an in game inch or two (depending on the weapon size), not only would the attacker have a much greater window for slipping around blocks and the defender have to aim blocks far more accurately, but the current parry/riposte/stagger/stamina system would be left unedited, making well times parrys still more effective and important than passive blocking.

    Lastly, the parry animation being extended for as long as you hold the button… Hopefully keeping the original parry window, but providing passive defence after that parry window is passed - this change would make feints less overpowered without making weapon blocking overpowered in itself. Fear not, feints would have more use, albeit a more strategical use with this mods changes to blocking.

    I was going to talk about editing armor values and protection too, but as this game features only striking, no disarming, trapping, armor locking through damage, takedowns, throws, trips or other grappling, I feel buffing plate armor for the sake of realism would destroy gameplay balance without actually achieving realism anyway. So nah, no armor editing in this mod, at least nothing drastic like the weapon and shield overhauls.

    Anyway guys, any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, I truly have no idea where to start (however I am capable of making these changes if pointed in the right direction don’t worry) so any form of input would be golden.
    Feel absolutely free to comment your own personal thoughts about this idea, challenge any of the ideas or add your own ideas and suggestions, but as this is a mod idea and not a forced down your throat patch idea, there is no need for aggression, please keep that in mind if you don’t like my or another commenter’s’ ideas :)

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