Chivalry Movie

  • Hi guys
    If you have some free time please check out my chivalry video
    Would be much appreciated.
    Thanks guys

  • I gave it a thumbs up and rightly so. Its nice to see new videos of Chivalry tbh

  • What happened at 0.25?

  • I have one of these flash in the pan types in my QualityStreet group tbh.
    They come, make a few videos, join a group (Qualitystreet), then never play again.
    Although the video’s are very good. Often if you check the hours played in Chivalry
    months down the line its zero, often its not even on there played recently at all.
    Regardless of that poster number #1 your welcome to join Qualitystreet group.
    If anything we don’t forget you unlike how you fame seeking types forget Chivalry
    after making a few video’s of your limited scope or knowledge of Chivalry tbh

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