Torn Banner please help me out quick!! Really appreciate it in advance.

  • Okay I am so amazed in a bad way as to how this actually happened, but my customized characters no longer have customization and I can no longer equip my veteran helmets. They’re locked yet I have and have had every single weapon for every single class. So how can I fix this? I don’t even care about my weapons I can get those back if they were locked but everythings unlocked I just can’t get the helmets… It would be pretty bad being #7 and not being able to wear my veteran helmet.Torn Banner please help me out as to how I can fix this. Also, I have not bought any DLC helmets either.

  • Happened to me as well bud. Hopefully it should be fixed when the update comes(Don’t know when that will happen)

  • Sorry guys the only people from TBS that communicated with the community have left…

  • That’s sad, and the red tape and bullshit around releasing console patches means they’re even MORE unlikely to release something, even if they weren’t already busy with the new patch beta and working on their new game full-time. My only advice is BUY DLC.

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