Quake III Arena bonus credit?

  • After I added Quake III Arena a game I had not purchased on steam.

    After playing for a few hours of the single player and exiting. For some reason my credit had
    increased in my wallet.

    So then I uninstalled and removed this game and reinstalled it.
    Once again I added this non steam game and played once again for a time and my credit
    increased again? It does appear its giving you back a small credit of £1.59 each time.

    Is it possible any Non Steam game added to your library or its just Quake3Arena ?

  • Never heard of this but it sounds interesting. I wouldn’t do it too many times or valve will catch on and think you’re abusing it, and there goes your games library. I’ve added lots of non-steam games but never had any kind of wallet interference.

  • Maybe the game is so bad and outdated they’re paying you to play it.

  • you can add almost any non-steam game to the steam library and it will have a steam overlay when you launch it from steam

  • If you can do it 4 times an hour you will get the minimum wage for it.

    Shame you can’t buy food on steam.

  • Well it was the 1st of April tbh.

  • Ouch. Well played sir.

  • Thank you vkind, somebody fell for it somewhere they always do and never admit it from my exp.

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