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  • Hey guys its me RobinHood from the Hellish clan and the other day I was talking to some of my clan mates about the purchasable items in game and we all really like them but we got a cool idea that we think would bring great profit. I was thinking if you added something like capes that looked really nice and came with a nice level of detail and personal design and player customization, it would rack in allot of profit. Thats just my idea I wanted to share thanks. :calm:

  • I would pay at least $20 for a customizable cape.

  • I and several others have suggested it in the pass and everyone’s answer was always “NO MUH IMMERSIONS!” or “The physics can’t be done realistically or look right”, which I think are both cop-out arguments. With the state of the in-game economy, capes aren’t that far-fetched anymore.

  • As Mr Oy stated its all been suggested before. My last idea was for a White panama hat for knights
    Even caps and rayband glasses. These times might be approaching as it might bring in funds for Tb.

  • Too expensive for the game performance and ruins muh immersion.

  • @Vesanus:

    Too expensive for the game performance and ruins muh immersion.

    The proof for this statement comes with a game called Assassins Creed Unity. Just look at all the bloody cloth dynamics in that shit, if only they made it a toggleable option the game could probably run at 100+ fps.

  • But muh immersion! Flip flop zigzag archer dodging and 180 degree sword parries are fine but capes would RUIN EVERYTHING!

  • Does it seem as if this immersion counts anymore 3 yrs later.
    considering todays disco dancing players who really just like buying addons
    skins, hats, armours. remember being flexible in the ingame purchases is what
    gives TB funds towards next projects. such as Chivalry Two ?

  • How about a customizable dress while you are all into being a fashion Nazi?

  • I don’t think the SS uniform would go down well with the establishment hehe.

  • Indeed.

    Only admins are allowed to wear those.

  • I’d like to order one fashionable nazi dress pls.

  • Do they have fishnets in your size ?
    its not as bad as it seems under the right conditions for example:
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein, accepted it s got germans , baddies etc.
    Chivalry Two could be the germans travelled back in time as do the allies ?
    Boths sides have to fight with medieval weapons , as its all that would pass though
    the time machine with them dressed in Allied or German uniforms.

    Fighting in cities of Europe and Germany or Dunkirk , Russia, Poland.

  • ^ Sounds like an episode of Star Trek original series.

  • Nah that’s definitely Red Orchestra 3.

  • I would like to be able to customize the kings. Kings should have their own customizations, now that would be good shit.

  • It’s also time for bear riding.

  • @lemonater47:

    Nah that’s definitely Red Orchestra 3.


    ^ Sounds like an episode of Star Trek original series.

    Not at all remember we get to fight with the medieval weapons from Chivalry One plus wear new outfits/skins.
    Even riding on jeeps and Tanks from those cities. Mr Oy wearing his 5* Gen Patton hat. Players would have
    to earn rank and Stripes.


    torn banana hire me pls

  • @zombojoe:

    torn banana hire me pls

    Amazing work there zombo, 10/10 would buy that.

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