CMW.exe and Steam crash whenever I join a server

  • Before we get into this problem I’m having, I’d like to share my specs.

    I have a GTX 970
    Windows 7
    8gb of ram
    Intel i5-4430 CPU @ 3GHz

    I can (without a doubt) run this game at max settings. On with the show.

    I took a break for a few months, and as a result, did not play this game. When I wanted to play this game again, the following happened:
    I started the game
    I tried to join a server
    And then one of three other things happened
    It crashes as soon as I “Connect” to a server
    It crashes in the loading screen after I “Connect” to a server
    It crashes as I try and pick a class when I’m in the server.

    I cannot play the game because it always crashes.

    I have done the following things to try and fix this:
    Minimum settings
    Windowed Mode
    Vista Compatibility Mode
    Administrator Access
    Trying to start the game from CMW.exe instead of steam (this doesn’t work because no servers show up)
    32-bit Mode
    Update Drivers
    Reinstall (x1)
    Verify Cache (x3)

    When I alt-tab I can see that the game is running in 64-bit mode and in Direct X9. I have no idea if this is helpful.

    I’d love if one of you could help me out here.

    Thanks in Advance

    Edit: I can play Deadliest Warrior quite fine, but Medieval Warfare is still a no-go

    2nd Edit: For WHATEVER reason, I can no longer play Deadliest Warrior. I’ve noticed that Chivalry takes up a very large amount of memory right before it crashes. Also, if anyone could help me out with this issue, that’d be great.

    3rd Edit: SOLUTION! I had to upgrade my old Ethernet drivers. the whole problem is explained in detail over in reddit Thanks for all the “help”, to all 0 people who responded to the problem.

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