Chivalry MW and DW servers at for 0,50 euro/slot

  • Hey there,

    SimRai is offering very affordable though high quality game servers for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior costing 0,50 euro per player slot.

    Why rent at SimRai instead of a different company ?
    We’re affordable, reliable, experienced and very user friendly. Our top priority is to have you playing with your friends without leaving a hole in your wallet, simple as that. Our customer support takes place on whatever contact system you prefer, even Steam or teamspeak, but we also have a traditional ticket system in place.

    What do i get when renting from SimRai ?

    • We’re a young company but we’ve proven ourselves to be on the cutting edge of game hosting. You can read user testimonials on our website.
    • Get any game server of your choice (even ones not listed in the store) set up for guaranteed the lowest price.
    • You are guaranteed to have no lag or other or performance issues, thanks to our professional staff.
    • Your server will come online only moments after the payment was received, so you whenever you rent a server with us you will be playing almost immediately.
    • We like to become friends with our customers to guarantee communication goes as fluent as possible whenever a problem arises.
    • Last but not least we are also the first game server hosting company in the world to accept payment with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digitalcoin and Dogecoin.

    How does ordering at SimRai work?
    You can use the SimRai webshop to rent a server. If what you’re looking for is not listed there you can send us an email detailing whatever you’re looking for and we will be able to set you up. On checkout you will be able to select your payment method. After completing your order, your server is instantly setup and ready to use as soon as payment is received. When you rent a server from us you will have full control over it and it’s configuration through a web panel (this includes the ability to restart your server by the click of a button) that you can easily log into on our website. Also included is FTP access so you can edit any files or install mods, friendly and personal support through your medium of choice or our ticket system, around the clock.

    Please have a look at our website for more information or to ask questions:

    Thanks for your time!
    Simon & Raizio

  • After researching prices for the past few days I’ve concluded that with 0.5 euro per slot SimRai offers the lowest price available at this moment. 8-)

  • Great hosting company, my server was set-up within moments of them receiving my payment. Their staff are friendly and always ready to help. The prices are incredibly cheap for the service they provide and the servers themselves are very stable and efficient.

  • I have recently purchased 2 server’s from SimRai, and I have to say the customer service is impeccable. With real time live support as well as a fully professional game control panel, they are the best hosts I have used in over 7 years of server hosting.

    The servers themselves run exceptionally smoothly; even with a full 32 slot server each client only gains about 15 latency and there is no lag spikes at all.

    Overall I fully recomend them as server hosts.

  • Was about to jump all over this then I realised they only have 1 data centre in the Netherlands.


  • Hi guys, PGP have recently purchased 2 EU servers from and they have proven to be very cheap, very reliable and have extremely good customer service.

    They are wanting to host a US side service as well, most likely in Washington DC if they can get a reasonable number of customers they will. I have already pledged a 32 slot server to it and I urge you guys to as well, they are by far the best value for money you’re going to get out of a hosting company for Chivalry.

    If you want more info or to actual chat live with the Company Execs then PM me on steam and I’ll set up a group chat.

  • We are happy to keep our customers satisfied and also to see they are pleased :) Thank you guys for being such awesome customers!

    Because players from the USA may also want to benefit from our prices, we’ve come up with the following:

    If we manage to have enough customers for atleast 160 slots (in any slot configuration up to 32 per server), we will be able to get ourselves a server located likely in Washington D C, the USA, meaning that we can also tend to the needs of US customers with our service and price.

    So far 32 out of 160 slots are reserved, if you are interested to jump in on this deal and get yourself a server for 0.5 euro per slot located in the USA, simply send me a forum pm, leave a message on the contact form of or add me on steam here:

    Thanks and regards,

    Simon from SimRai

  • I would really like to see some more activity on this, These guys are amazing hosts.

  • Hello,
    I am renting a 40 slots server at SimRai, for my team.
    Their servers are good but the best is their customer Service because they take care of every problem with serious and interest… and quickly !

    Thanking you,
    Guillaume - from the team “Ost Royal de France” .

  • Hi,
    We can truly recommend this server provider. Prices are really low and we do not experience any lag at all. Support is extremely helpful , they will do everything to solve your problem.

  • I too can recommend SimRai. The server was activated within 30 minutes of purchasing and has performed marvelously so far. The support is fast and personal.

  • Im excited about using this service, but i am wondering. Does a subscription come with the option to end it monthly? or do you need to wait a year?

  • I think is more important have servers on France or UK for EU players….

  • France is fine, as is Holland. I’d say UK is a bit too much to the west, for central and east Europe.

    And Sir Mike, it’s all monthly, you can come and go whenever you want. No strings attached.

  • Added a few servers to support the community. Chivalry Servers #2 #3 and #4 are all located in france.

  • I rented a server for IO at simrai, and the support, server performance, at such a price, is just awesome. I’d recommend it to eveyone :D

  • Hi Guys,

    First of all, this is my first post, on this forum, I have used it, to find different server hosts, and I have tried a few, and so fare the best of them is SimRai, very friendly support, and very competent ad game-hosting, and I shut know, I have bin gaming for years now, +15 years and counting, and I have had my fair share of games-servers, so I know how I want things to run, and how I want the support to be.

    So if you are looking for, exclusive support, and phenomenal gaming-hosting, look no further, and if you want some proof, then try out my game-server BZN.DK #1

    And yes, this sounds like an advert, but it’s not, I get nothing for saying this, but I believe SimRai, do a good job especially when it comes to CMW servers, and the prices are more then fair.


  • Just here to announce, we won’t have any special sales. This is because we don’t need special christmas sales to lower our prices. Our prices are always low. We’re here to help fellow gamers to host to their content!

  • When I decided to rent a server at Simrai, it was right before I went to sleep at 3 or 4am. I Figured if I order it before I go to sleep the server might be up the next day. But only a few minutes after the order was complete I got a friendinvite on steam and the server was online and under my control.

    It’s been a blast eversince :)

    Great support and great server quality, really recommend it.

    Marcus Aurelius

  • I can only repeat what my previous speaker said. I bought the server yesterday and it was online and ready to go a view seconds later. The support is commendable and they took the time to answer all of my questions immediately. Really awesome!

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