UGC store questions

  • I’ve made a few items for the UGC store - I am not sure if I should upload it via the interface as described in the wiki - my question is if I upload it, won’t users be able to download it and not buy the item if accepted into the store?

    Secondly, I have made a Viking shield based off the buckler shield, since it was the only round shield available. My question is: isn’t this shield too small to be a Viking shield? The buckler is 37 cm in diameter, a Viking shield historically 80-100 cm.

    Further, what are your usual percentage take on these sales? What are the terms? I can’t seem to find these things on your site and since it’s a business arrangement, it would be nice to be able to peruse terms before I enter into it.

  • Im currently on mobile and will edit this post later, but these links should answer your questions.

    UGC Specifications

    Workshop About section

    Polycount Chivalry section

  • Thank you very much.

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