Looking for group or "clan" to play with (360)

  • Heyos people,

    I’m looking for group of players to play with on 360. I live on the West Coast. The game has gotten boring playing solo.

    GT: S0SBrigadeBrian (The “0” is zero)

  • Most of the players on the console port are American.

    Rip Good Connection for EU players

  • Hehe that figures.

    I’m just looking to have fun on the console port. I did try playing the PC version with a controller and it did not end well. I just get rekt. :^)

  • Was it the sensitivity that killed you?

  • You probably got wrecked because the controller is an inferior input device to the mouse. Play the game on the PC w/mouse and boardkeys and that is where you will find clans.

  • I actually have my sensitivity high on my controller. I can hold my own against the average player on PC with the controller. Going on dueling servers against very skilled players is where I get rekt haha.

    I know the controller is inferior to mouse and keyboard but I started out playing Chivarly with the controller haha. I’ll occasionally change to mouse and keys if I’m playing archer. I’m not really looking to be competitive (although I like scrims), just looking for fun so I can extend the longevity of the game despite the buggy 360 port.

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