Linux bugs

  • Linux bugs:

    1. Sometimes does not work keyboard, namely qwerty alphabetic keys. Space, shift, control, arrows and tab work. Mouse work too at this moment.
    2. Sorting by map(click on “map” header) in “Join game” window - close game. To repeat this need wait to loading list with all maps.
    3. Window “Join game”. While list of maps update, music play in spurts.
    4. Often, when you click “Join game” from the main menu, list will not load and press the “Refresh” button does not do anything.
    5. Periodically there is a delay like ping, but I play on servers with normal ping.
    6. Occasionally there are graphical artifacts (green squares) in the main menu and “select commands” menu. (2 examples in attachments)
    7. The problem with the encoding of the text chat. For example white rectangles instead of letters chatting on russian server. (screen in attachments)
      Sorry for my english:)

  • After patch 36 were resolved bugs 4(refresh issue), 7(encoding). But I’ve found a new bug with encoding: when I write on russian language it appears gibberish. (screen in attachment)

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