Weapons Phasing Through Enemies (now w/Youtube video)

  • I’m sure it’s been posted about before but I wanted to put together a short video of what’s happening with 2H Blunts, 2H Axes, and Polearms. I know originally it was a balance issue that a lot of heavy hitting weapons were hitting very quickly with the handle and in patch 26 the tracers were modified to remove handle hits from those weapons.

    After playing with Mercs Mod and then switching back to live it became very apparent that this tracer modification actual broken weapons like Grand Mace, Pole Axe, and Halberd. As seen in the video I can stand right next to my opponent and swing right through them because of these tracer modifications.

    What I would purpose is a patch to revert these changes in the same way Mercs Mod did to where handle tracers are halved on 2H Blunts, 2H Axes, and Polearms. That way the weapons won’t phase through opponents but also will have to be very close to cause a handle hit. I hope you will take the time to review this bug and hope to see a resolution soon. Thanks!


  • Have you heard of youtube?

  • No…do tell?

  • It would be great to hear a dev atleast acknowledge the issue. If you need me to post it on Youtube that’s fine just let me know.

  • I don’t use those weapons so yeah I agree with lemonaters amazing wisdom that it would be nice to see how you reproduce the issue.

  • It’s up on Youtube now. Link is edited….

  • Seems legit. Not to self not to try those weapons again.

    This is where lemon says oh yeah he knows about that lol.

  • Yeah. It would be great to hear a dev took the time to watch the video and recreate the issue. This bug should really get fixed….

  • What you should of done is shown the tracers. AOC_drawtracer 1. Then we could all see exactly what’s wrong. If you had admin rights to the server AOC_slomo 0.2 would of shown it in much better detail as well.

    Anyway with the grandmace at the start it actually looks as though the game thinking its colliding with the ground before the damage tracers hit the leg. As there’s a bunch of other tracers that detect other things. Such as tracers that detect collisions with other objects such as the floor. Though we can’t be sure without looking at the tracers.

    The poleaxe does have wonky tracers. But people know it for its wonky 3rd person animation not relating to its stab tracers even though it looks more or less fine in 1st person.

    With the the halberd it sorta looks like the handle hit fix thing.

  • It should be easy enough for anyone to watch my positioning in the video and replicate what’s happening. It took me maybe 2 minutes of swinging at different parts of my friends character model to find a spot that went right through with those weapons.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6of3n-tuC8
    On top of randomly deviating tracers, no handle tracers on flail makes facehug lmbs and overheads a gamble not worth taking.

  • @Gauntlet:

    On top of randomly deviating tracers, no handle tracers on flail makes facehug lmbs and overheads a gamble not worth taking.

    I thought I was crazy to think that the flail had no handle tracers… Ive been getting so frustrated in my quest to main the flail due to all these toe-to-toe “misses”. It’s incredibly baffling how a weapon with such a short range has no handle tracer for the enemy. However, the chain does catch on everything “ENVIRONMENT” due to the wiggly, wobbly, Parkinson’s nature of the tracer path. One of the worst weapons in the game has to have a sweet spot to deal damage…Truly the ultimate jest, good one TB…

    Also no handle hits on axes make head-shotting at close range a pain in the ass.

    If these things catch a dev’s attention and get fixed, I will polish your swords for endless nights…no homo.

  • I’ve had this happen with any weapon lately. I’ve straight swung through someone with an overhead zwei right in the middle of the enemy body.

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