Black Dog - Mason Knight Helmet

  • Hello Everyone.
    I want to show you a new helmet I created for the Mason Knight. I think he needs more cool looking helmets^^ like that.

    The helmet is based on a real modell. I changed some parts for the game. But you will recognize most parts of it.
    I am not 100% satisfied with the textures yet. I work with Blender and its a bit weird because when I import the files to the UT-Editor, they look totally different. So I will rework and experiment a bit with the textures. There will also be an open version of this helmet. A black and a silver version.

    I hope you like what you see. Criticism and suggestions are welcomed.

    My Modell:

  • actually… if i look at the pictures. how is the one whos wearing that helmet able to look thru that helmet? i mean…

  • If you look at the last picture you can see the eyes of the Mason Knight ;P But I must admit the view of the wearer must have been very limited. I guess the visor was only used at distance to deflect missiles. In close combat the wearer would fold up the visor. The photo of the real helmet shows signs of usage.

  • Some more pictures.

  • Open visor version.


    actually… if i look at the pictures. how is the one whos wearing that helmet able to look thru that helmet? i mean…

    Lots of medieval full-face helmets had very narrow eye slits, so they must’ve been horrible to use in an actual swordfight. Knights most likely had the visor down when advancing towards the enemies to protect against missile fire.

  • Its a good design to go with but I would say get rid of that gritty noise in the normal maps. The reason plate metal is so shiny is by virtue of the fact that its a smooth and polished surface.

  • The stuff is now ready to upload but I have some trouble importing it into the game.
    The Z-axis of the helmet is not fitting. I think before I imported the helmet into an fbx-file I set the origin point wrong.
    But the tutorial says nothing about it. So it could also be something else…

    Any idea to fix that in the editor? Or to avoid that problem in general?

    Trying out to fix that took me more time than modeling, unwrapping and texturing together… still trying, very annoying : (
    Sorry guys I wanted to finish that a while ago.

    That gritty noise will not be visible in the game. It’s from the free 3D modeling software Blender. The effect was set a bit too high - you are right.

  • check the skeletal mesh of the mason knight and set the helmet as an attachment to the helmetpoint bone

  • @Zambojoe thanks.
    I am getting closer. There was a problem with the fbx export. Now I got the helmet on his head. But the eyes are still not matching exactly to the slit like they do in the 3D modeling programm…
    The stupid thing is that now the next problems with the material appear. All those metalic effects and the normalmap only work on the golden buttons.

    If I manage to get rid of all that problems, I will write a tutorial for others. So that they don’t have to make the same mistakes like I do, over and over again.

  • Finally after a shitload of weeks I got the time to finish this. I made a new texture and now it’s looking like it should be.

    Uploaded! Now in workshop!

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