• Anyone else been following this game? It’s created by some of the original BF2: Project Reality devs. Looks really awesome. I don’t think I’ve been this hyped for an FPS since BF2.



  • looks like arma 2

  • Let’s hope it’s as smooth as RO not clunky like arma. Being on unreal.

    Doesnt remind me of BF2 at all lol. Even though it’s done by the project reality guys.

  • thats because BF2 is archaic

  • Kinda sick of generic, dusty, middle-east battlegrounds, TBH. Dreadfully boring.

  • Should be North Korea.

    Or even China. Becuase Japan’s constitution.

  • Well I have not tried these kinds of games yet at all. Do you have to form a team and lead them?
    It doesn’t look to bad imo op.

  • @loin:

    Well I have not tried these kinds of games yet at all. Do you have to form a team and lead them?
    It doesn’t look to bad imo op.

    Never tried a tactical shooter?

    Arma is quite good if you play with the right people with the right mods. The community itself isn’t very immersed into the game. Fun bunch of people but makes the game something else. People playing with the funky physics of a pretty clunky game.

    Theres Red orchestra 2. A more linear multiplayer shooter set in ww2 expansion rising storm comes for free with the game now if you like barbecues and cutting the heads off of Americans. It’s TE game mode is very similar to chivalries TO game mode however the objectives are either capture this point or blow it up. Not as diverse as chivalries objective. But the community in that game is largely serious though most don’t mine you fooling around There’s 63 other players playing the game fine.

    Theres also insurgency. But I’ve only ever played the mod lol which is miles different from the actual game. And when I played the mod most of my time was on a 24/7 Dust-2 TDM server lol. But I’ve heard that’s quite good.

    Hell planetside 2 is a tactical shooter of sorts. The only free to play game I ever spent money on. And that was on a triple station cash day a couple of years back. I don’t think they have ever made it so you get triple the amount for you money. 6000 staton cash for $20 which lastest me for 2 years. I spent the last of it for a horn that plays the “ride of the Valkyries” theme tune for the Valkyrie transport aircraft. I’m useless at flying so when I inevitably crash I want that tune to be playing as I kill 5 other team mates on board. Completely worth it.

    So yeah take your pick. RO2 is my favourite.

  • Thank you Mr L, I will look into these once my gold hat is earned in Chivalry. Just a few ranks left now.

  • insurgency was great as a mod, i havent really enjoyed the retail version very much tho for some reason

    i must not be interested in those kind of games anymore like i was years ago

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