[DW] Plant the Banner not working as intended.

  • What is the issue:
    The plant the banner gamemode in the “Deadliest Warrior” DLC for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare simply does not work. Sometimes the banner refuses to respawn after capturing it, making the gamemode completely useless.

    Full details on reproducing this issue:
    After testing the gamemode several times on different maps, I have concluded that the bug appears to happen when the banner spawns in a certain location, is captured and then is supposed to spawn at the same location as before it was picked up and captured. It simply doesn’t respawn when this happens - You will see a Banner indicator on your HUD where the banner is supposed to spawn but there will be nothing there and you can’t pick it up.

    Videos and/or screenshots:
    On the 2 pictures you can see the pile of skulls (to the right of the picture) where the banner is supposed to be spawning and the gray banner icon on it, which means that the banner is supposed to be there. As you can see from the score, there does not seem to be a correlation between total amount of flag captures or time spent and the bug considering the timestamp and amount of flag captures are completely different on the pictures.
    I wanted to record the bug aswell but the footage didnt save for some reason. I don’t think it’s nessicary anyways since I’m almost 100% certain that this bug occours after the banner respawns at the same location twice in a row. But if you really want I can try recording the bug again and upload the footage to youtube.

    Other comments:
    It’s a shame to see this gamemode not working because the few times that I’ve been in a PTB (Plant the Banner) gamemode server and it lasted a while before it bugged it was actually a LOT of fun and I can see this gamemode be very well suited for clanbattles. Since Deadliest Warrior doesn’t have the Team Objective gamemode, HTB (Hold the Banner) and PTB are kind of the only redeeming factors in terms of interesting gamemodes in this DLC. Unfortunately only HTB works. I personally don’t think it’s acceptable for a whole gamemode to not work in a full release DLC (atleast not this long after the release) and I think it should be fixed ASAP… Regardless of the fact that more people play cmw than cdw. Please look into this TB.

    On behalf of the entire CDW (EU) community,
    Thanks in advance.

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