[Server BUG] Maps are not rotatiing specially custom maps

  • Title says it all. At the end of the map it goes to an infinite load for the next map. If someone joins during this time the server is stuck in the last map and users are not allowed to spawn. I usually close chiv and hop back in the server, log in as admin and then change the map. This happens randomly and on any map both default and customs but mostly on custom maps. If there is a server config setting please let us know. Really tired of paying for and hosting this game only to have regulars not being able to play on it.

  • I have found the pattern, maps in the rotation at the 20th position are the ones that get stuck. I have a map rotation of almost 80 maps. So every 20 maps the server gets stuck in map rotation. Please help I posted this last month and not even a single response,

  • Mine ticked past the 20th map in rotation without issue today.

    Hard for me to test properly since the players in my region would rather play on a completely misconfigured official server (no archer limits, no autobalance, broken tickrate?) than play on my server. It boggles the mind. And it’s not like they don’t complain to me when I get on.

  • Have heard some reports today of certain maplists bugging so that it only plays the same few maps - not allowing people to vote for one of the other ones that is on the maplist nor does it ever rotate to them. No sure if it’s related though

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