First person Spectator mode

  • Is a mod or mode being made for this.

  • got removed because TBS couldnt be bothered fixing it when they added customizations

  • Yeah same reason why first person death camera got removed. Customisation screwed up. It Still screws up with shields anyway on death.

    First person spectator when it was in was a bit janky anyway.

  • In a game of Quality such as this , it seems almost insane for it not to have a truly first person spectator mode
    for recording of tournaments , let alone seeing very skill players through first person and appreciating skills.
    Why some of the best Q3 movies are of legendary CTF matches, or strafe map runs, or even gods of FFA.
    They might even produce this spectator mode soon, its long over due now ? near 2.5 years?

  • I am really considering digging our my coders head, finding explicitly what codes deal with A)memory and B) first person
    spectator code.

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