What does X setting do?

  • I already tried searching these forums and the steam forums for this game and couldn’t find any answers. I’m currently just trying to optimize my game for my play-style and need to know what various settings do in order to do so. Note that performance is no object for me–I’m using a new laptop with beastly specs that can handle max graphic settings with ease.

    I’d like an explanation of what the following settings do if possible (an * next to something means I know the basics of what it does but am unsure of specifics):
    Motion Blur* (i.e. what motion is being blurred? all motion? my motion? my camera’s motion?)
    Double tap time
    Mouse smoothing
    Depth of Field* (i.e. it seems to make the entire map somewhat uniform in brightness when turned off. if that is what it’s doing, how does that affect the various shadow related settings if this is turned off?)

    EDIT: I completely forgot this setting…
    Animation LOD bias

    For reference, my main goal at the moment is to make it easier to make out the difference between random objects in the distance and people standing still while maintaining as much “natural” graphical feel as possible (i.e. I’d like to avoid monotone brightness/contrast/gamma if possible), as well as making it easier to adjust my aim (i.e. playing as an archer) while still maintaining a high enough mouse sensitivity to be able to drag and avert my swing from allies while meleeing.

  • Bloom, motion blur, vignette, and DoF are all post-processing effects that are better disabled.

    DoF is supposed to just blur things that are far away, but whatever is happening in this game’s implementation is also messing with the contrast in the scene. I like the contrast adjustment it makes but the blurring is wretched.

    I don’t even know what motion blur actually blurs. It’s a post-process effect, so it’s going to be blurring more or less everything that moves between frames (within some certain envelope).

    Vignette darkens the edges of the screen under certain circumstances. Honestly not sure why anyone would want this.

    Bloom makes bright spots/lights look awful (giant white blobs) and distracting.

    Double-tap time is for the Man at Arms dodge, if you are not using one-button dodge. You tap a direction key twice to dodge that way.

    Mouse smoothing… I guess it smooths (averages out a little bit) your mouse input? I mean I don’t usually enable mouse smoothing in any game. Seems straight forward.

  • Yes depth of field is strangly a colour filter as well.

  • Depth of Field seems to enable Ambient Occlusion as well.

    It is somewhat performance-heavy but without the setting every map looks bland and the colors seem washed out.
    Bloom actually doesn’t impact performance that much and looks really nice considering this game’s many metal and steel materials used for most weapons and armor.

    Other than those 2, most of the post FX settings take away from the gameplay too much.

  • Okay, thanks for the replies everyone. I think all that’s left to nail down is exactly what mouse smoothing does. I have a somewhat-fancy mouse, not super fancy, but more so than your average mouse, and it has various settings I can tweak on it. As such I’m not really sure what mouse smoothing would do that my mouse’s config software wouldn’t let me do myself outside of the game and/or how it would interact with those settings if enabled.

    Edit: I completely forgot I wanted to know what Animation LOD bias was as well; oops!

  • Mouse Smoothing I assume is a little bit of Mouse Acceleration combined with some general smoothing of your aiming in-game.
    It’s not really noticeable as a melee class but it might make aiming with a Crossbow a tad easier/harder depending on your preference. It just smoothes your mouse movements a bit, can be helpful at a high sensivity.

    Animation LOD Bias means that animations (namely attacks) will be degraded in quality from far away. For instance, setting it to Low will make it so that distant Knights fighting in the background may seem a bit choppy / stuttering. It doesn’t affect anything nearby, don’t worry.
    It’s a relatively new setting. If you’ve played the game for longer than 3 or so months, then just set Animation LOD Bias to High for the same effect as before this setting was added.

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