Introducing The Gauntlet, a Weekly Chivalry Competitive Stream (Saturdays at 2pm EST)

  • Hello lords and ladies! Myself and Simon Exile are teaming up to create a weekly Chivalry stream for the masses that will be comprised of two scrims from four competitive clans. It will be streamed live on and the games will be posted on my youtube channel a day or two afterwards.

    This week we’ll be having Fight Club vs. Moorland Skirmishers, a battle between two of the most driven up and coming clans in Chivalry, and Tempest vs. Cryptic, a high profile match which could change the current balance of power in the competitive community.

    For those of you who are getting some deja vu with this event, you’re probably thinking of Firegiant and Palaceer’s idea for a weekly show five months ago, called The Peasant Rebellion (old post here). We’re building on their idea (with their permission) to create The Gauntlet.

    We also really want to try to rekindle LTS in the scene, as we think it could add a lot to the viewing experience (potential for a single knight to 1v3 and win a round, potentially winning the game). However, we’re going to see how the first week goes with TO and work from there.

    Simon Exile and I will be the main casters, but will sub out with another worthy person if necessary (sickness, sudden shittiness at the game, etc.). We do want to have one high profile competitive player guest cast with us each week if possible, but selection for this will most likely be random (ergo, I start messaging good people on my friends list 20 minutes before the game).

    6v6 Team Objective/LTS
    6v6 kendo for map and side
    Available maps: Darkforest, Stoneshill, Hillside, Outpost, Cove, Kings Garden and Battlegrounds (variety!)
    50% Rule
    One Firepot Limit
    One Archer per Team
    (other rules to be added at our discretion, but tournament rules will be the norm)

    As this is our first episode we’re going to run it as though it’s just two scrims, but in the future we may experiment with fun additions while keeping the same basic formula.
    Thanks for reading, and don’t miss the first episode Saturday at 2pm EST!

  • Huh? What? Someone call me?
    Sounds great Teripper. I look forward to your casting.

  • Yes it does tbh. What time is that 2pm est thinybob? I might just become a utube subscriber if its 4am in uk time tbh.
    I do like the name Cryptic for a clan its rather cryptic but ingenious like Kraft of war, or The sacred spirit of the Quartz.

  • @loin:

    I do like the name Cryptic for a clan its rather cryptic but ingenious like Kraft of war, or The sacred spirit of the Quartz.

    AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA mate you are a funny person, I do enjoy your posts tbh

  • There’s just something about watching Chivalry that, to me, is inherently less exciting than playing it. Maybe it’s just me, I’m not sure. I noticed that from the start. The exception being the notable names, like the duel tournament hosted by TB when the game launched of famous youtubes, Totalbiscuits and so on. That was very popular. But there is something missing. Perhaps it’s just a lack of feedback in the observer mode.

    I think a proper first person mode would help a lot. Seeing the action from a player’s eyes here and there could spice things up. It would be cool if at some point Chivalry exploded into a proper E-sport with thousands of people watching it. Maybe that’ll have to wait for Chiv 2 though if that ever comes out.

    If freaking Hearthstone can be a competitive esports game, a visceral medieval fighting simulator has to be able to as well. It’s just about making it look more entertaining, and marketing it as a viable esports game.

    This is certainly a cool attempt to breath more life into the scene though.

  • One is due shortly to be uploaded to utube. I have my special fov reducing glasses right here
    along with my pink wafers ready for my Hot Horlicks complete with medieval flick tbh

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