Server for noobs

  • Is there any server for noobs?
    I just get this game and I really love it, but i don’t have any place for playing to learn. It’s not funny to play against 30+ lvl guys.

  • All those green servers that say beginner on them :)

    A word of warning though; lots of people get used to playing on low rank servers, and learn bad habits. They don’t really learn how to play the game because they only fight other noobs who know as little as them. Then when you hit rank 15 or whatever and you can’t play on the noob servers anymore, you’re suddenly stuck playing with all the higher ranks and you never really learned much or got that much better fighting beginners, and you’ll still get ****d constantly. The best thing to do is join one of the servers that says Classic Duel, and is on Free for all mode. Most of the classic duel servers run the map Duelyard, so look for one of those. Watch people fight each other and ask for tips and I’m sure someone will help you out a bit. My suggestion is to open the console and type aoc_drawtracer 1 so you can see how your weapons swing and handle and you’ll be able to hit more accurately once you know how the weapon functions.

    And for a beginner, I’d recommend Vanguard or Knight as a starter class. Knight has big heavy weapons and the most health in the game, and Vanguard has big heavy weapons and slightly less health. MaA and Archer take a bit more finesse to master.

  • Thanks so much for advice.
    Honestly, I was asking about Deadliest Warrior and there is no green servers that say beginner on them, but i saw some Classic Duel and I’ll look for some. I usually play as Viking.

  • This thread is under Deadliest Warrior, I doubt he can play Vanguard. :)

    Small choices when it comes to a server for beginners in DW, your best bet is finding a server with no one on it, join, then when someone else joins plead your case and they’ll most likely help you out if they’re a vet.

  • As for DW, I’d say quit while you’re ahead, it’s a dead game with lasting balance issues and bugs that will never be fixed.

  • I don’t believe there is any official server for new players. Not to my knowledge atleast, but most high level players are on LTS/FFA servers. TDM or hold the banner might be good gamemodes if you want to avoid higher level guys. Duel servers are good too because you can choose who you want to fight. If you are on EU I can teach you a thing or two about Deadliest Warrior if you want, you’ll find me on steam if you search for Noob-in-Pyjamas, I’m wearing an “[nVp]” clantag :)

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