Need a mod for LOCKING weapons

  • Apparently I’m the only one who ‘doesn’t like fun’ but seriously, fuck some weapons and the bads who can’t fight with balanced gear.

    I’m trying to put up my own server where I can lock out the blatantly overpowered weapons, and possibly add a bonus damage multi for headshots so archers earn their kills properly when they crack someone’s melon.

  • Go play something else, seriously. You are complaining about someones style of play and their in game choices and since you do not like their style of play, you want to impose your own style of play.If weapons bother you so much it interrupts your fun so badly,then quit. Its supposed to be entertainment…a game.

  • You should probably switch weapons before you let that zweihander-wielding vanguard get right up next to you, rather than throwing a tantrum about it.

  • Want to block overpowered weapons, plays archer, veri stronk logix tbh hehe.

  • archers needs buff

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