Maps not rotating

  • im not sure if this is intended or has been addressed elsewhere but id like to just point out that at the end of matchs, at least in the ffa rooms that the maps are not rotating, theyre all stuck on the throne room. during my three day stint in beta the maps would rotate. is there anything that could be done about this? it would sure make it more enjoyable to play all the available maps! :)

  • You know, now that you mention it, it just occurred to me the FFA server I was on a few hours ago played the throne room 4 times in a row. I was having so much fun I didn’t even realise.

  • yeah i got the game late last night and have been playing alot of ffa, and its always the same map. i do believe all ffa server rooms are throne room as well.

  • Same here, I thought it was weird how it was always the throne room, maybe its a coincidence. Maybe it’s really the only map that has that many spawn places so far.

  • As a temporary solution, you can always throw up a map vote.


  • Whoops, that’s our bad. We’ll fix this once we roll out the next hotfix :)

  • right on, thanks! im surprised this hasnt been brought up sooner though. still has been fun even playing on one map but with the rotation turned back on itll be even more fun!

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