My Gripe to Server admins

  • Earlier today I got banned off an Official server, Server 98 and this guy

    banned me for being a part of Hellish, well here’s my bit where I gripe up the chain I really don’t appreciate that I joined hellish to get active in the competitive side of chivalry and I don’t appreciate being banned from an official server just for being in a competitive team.

    Perhaps I’m wrong and whatever, I only killed this guy once in the match guy cause I only got to play one round he was a mason on the ballista and so I floated like thine butterfly and stungeth like a bee.

    I dont really care other then the fact I got banned from a popular server of my favorite game mode, Im pretty sure its permanent too.

    This is I guess a report so more Hellish players don’t get banned from some abusive dude.
    Sir Robin of Locksley

  • Fake official server and admin. :\

  • I have to agree with Mr Dudeface tbh. I have trouble with the –- types of names tbh, they often just go about tk
    Its a pity Multiplay can’t or does not run 50slot T/O server, it seems the entire market is cornered by one group.
    In Euro tbh. Not a good situation imo

  • Have you see an official server numbered 98 before? Or anything between 30-98?

    Pretty obvious fake one.

    And that’s some pricks alternate account. Given the hours on the alt I wouldn’t be surprised if he is some high rank as well.

  • I dont think he was a high rank he was only 18 and I rekt him with ez skillz,
    yea now that I think of it I guess it is a fake server, sorry about the inconvenience.

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