Matchmaking system?

  • Okay, I’m sure everyone here or at least almost everyone here has played ONE of the Halo games in an online multi player mode. If you have, you’d know that they use a matchmaking system, not only based off rank, but a separate skill level as well. I feel as if Chivalry could use a similar system. Trolls aside, I feel this would improve the overall community environment if players could que for a game mode, then be placed in a game with only players of the similar skill level for a more “raw” or “organic” experience. No more of that “one guy” running around way better than everyone else just destroying the whole server. Not only would it alleviate the frustrations of a casual player, but it would set the game up for a more competitive scene as well, where players with amazing skills face off with other players with amazing skills, with possibly a spectate feature to the general public lower ranks, similar to how League of Legends lets lower rank players spectate higher rank matches off the home menu. Just pondering…


  • sorry but this is an old topic

    tl;dr you need a bazillion players for matchmaking to work apparently

  • Also one must categorise the players who seem to be permanently running about looking at floor, zig zaging at you,
    While then spinning into a reverse hit to then jump stab, all at some stupid fov 140 with animation glichey break
    dancing going on during all of those things mentioned at the same time tbh. You would have to make sure
    those types of players are segregated from the normal players in any matchmaking league imo. Why lets
    be honest they are just in a que to be banned eventually, depending on the ticket number they have in line
    for the ban window.

    I would propose a Knights only Sow ladder for now, Clean , crisp, combat at its best with none of the chaf
    mentioned in previous paragraph tbh.

  • Bump. Since the playerbase has grown considerably, I feel as if a skill based matchmaking system is sill a good idea. Of course, it would require a “skill level” be implemented alongside rank, similar to how Halo had it.

  • I hate matchmaking-based games. Dedicated servers or bust, tbh.

  • @BigDaddySavage:

    Bump. Since the playerbase has grown considerably

    Did it? Most of the people that joined during the free weekend/steam sale back in may are already gone, we’re back to usual numbers.

  • @dudeface:

    I hate matchmaking-based games. Dedicated servers or bust, tbh.

    Why not both?

  • Yeah, maybe because they feel like they wasted money on the game because the usuals rek everyone

  • Well, if they implemented both, that would still allow high skilled players to just join the games with low skilled players and destroy everyone. The point is to have everyone stand a chance. Skilled players can deal with other skilled players, while the lesser skilled players work theyre way up to playing with that community

  • I don’t see a problem with having both, you can play 2v2/3v3/5v5/6v6 competetive games with the click of a button, or you can join a server with a higher playercount, such as 8v8/12v12/16v16. Also good old FFA, and so on so forth.

  • yeah not enough players for match making since the game is very ping and so regional dependent.

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