All unlocks reset, can't earn kills towards unlocks

  • I bought the game when it was released on Steam, installed it and played it for several hours yesterday.
    I unlocked quite a few weapons…

    Today I started the game, and all of my weapon unlocks have been reset.
    Additionally any kills I earn do not get counted towards any unlocks…
    There is no connection issue with my steam account, all other games sync fine.

    This is extremely frustrating, and I feel like any time invested in this game is wasted because I am limited to only a select few weapons while others have full advantage over me.

    Don’t make me go back to War of the Roses! ;)

    Just kidding, but seriously can someone please give me an answer other than “oh well, it’s just broke”?

  • I have the exact same problem mate hopefully they sort it out soon because its ruining the game.

  • @b3h47pte:

    This issue will be fixed on our next hotfix which will be announced soon – it is mainly to fix a couple minor bugs that mainly deals with server operators but this will get addressed too.

    Your unlocks however are unrecoverable, sorry about the inconvenience.

  • that is really terrible to hear that nothing can be done in return.

    enjoying a couple of the final weapons means i have to grind for hours, just to reach, and god forbid steam loses connection or i have to go somewhere. im nto asking for much, but just fixing a bug this bad and saying sorry hurts.

    ive already written the MaA off forever, because im tired of grinding the short ranged weapons, and the knight is in the same boat. archer i really only enjoy javs, and since only melee unlocks anythign its especially obnoxious, and loseing any progress with that just makes me want to quit.

  • Hmm, i’ve also noticed weapons aren’t unlocking anymore. My Steam hours don’t seem to be adding up either. Must be linked. I’m not a huge fan of unlocking mechanics, still it is a little frustrating to be stuck with the same weapons for the past 20 or so hours of gameplay :(

    Hope this will get fixed soon…

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