Will there ever be an update? is this game a cash grab? (360)

  • This game has so much potential but it’s in desperate need of an update

  • Cash grab!
    Potential please…

  • Cash grab.

  • I love that little picture with Chili_Master xD

  • xbox, mac, linux were never going to be taken seriously.

  • @gregcau:

    xbox, mac, linux were never going to be taken seriously.

    Lies troll poll god tbh. I have no doubt TB are working on your updates. As for Cash grab theories
    what would you suggest they simply go out and rob banks? This is how companies make money
    by bring out other variations while increasing its customer base. I do wish these plebbypeonpeasants
    who lack any knowledge of the world out side of the wax like crayon rivers they call home
    at least tried to be constructive while not pulling legs out of spiders.

  • Loin the console releases were the perfect examples of a cash grap: release a broken, barely working low quality product while lying about its quality to make a quick buck.

  • Well I really thought this was a foothold for TB into the console medium tbh. Perhaps Chivalry will emerge on the latest
    consoles or the next one. After all I would buy the latest console if Chivalry was quite ok on that system as high end
    video cards nowdays are silly money imo. Titan X for eg £1000 ??

  • Its hard to tell whether or not this game is a cash grab. On Payday 2 it took the devs a year just to make an update, yet they still made it and brought the update to consoles. Maybe it is a cash grab maybe its not. Time will tell.

  • I’d love for Torn Banner Studios to update the 360 and PS3 versions, just like what Mojang does with the console versions of Minecraft.

    Please TB Studios, don’t leave us filthy console peasants behind :(

  • They already have. ;(

  • @King:

    They already have. ;(

    :( Nooooooo!

  • Am I the only one lagging horrendously? Unless I host the game that is. How is it ALWAYS the host connections good an we gotta suckfest for the rest? I swing straight through people half the time, or their “ghost” as I call it. On my screen their in front about to make a move, in reality their already hittin me in the back of the head, borderline unplayable when u cant time a block or even SEE where the person actually is half the time. And no its not cause I suck or my connection, If im host I can block everything and see people swingin at my ghost missin me. I know its not them sucking, its them swingin at my ghost. EVERY game seems to be having this same problem, ghost people. Lag corrections throwing everything off. Xbox gets denied servers I guess.

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