Open the challenge to Meta clan

  • Seems to be certain peeps think that just cause Syndicate is stepping away from the throne it means their asses deserve the seat. Let’s make something clear bbies, there isn’t a team active in Chiv nor will there ever be that is comparable to the amount of **** that can be given by Syn.

    Some may think we have fallen to complacency. Nah. Literally there were way better things to do than beat you over and over again with or without A roster, which ended up being more interesting than Chiv has gotten.

    So challenge yo. 6v6 end all be all Syn v Meta Retirement match. When you get ****d, you have to let us listen as you eat your humble pie. If by some chance you beat us, congrats! You get to be kings of a dead game! (Which coincidentally is the reason most of us are bouncing anyways, not raging because of the great drug store brigade)



    P.S. I am trying to be a productive and contributive member to the forums. Please do not shit talk me… Thanks

  • im crying

    best comp scene ever

  • I’m so dead

  • great OP dont hate

  • Lmao, Jesus some people in this scene are so dumb -_-

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