The Mountain that Rides from Game of Thrones existed and he wielded this…

  • While doing research for weapon skins you occasionally find cool stuff like this. I was looking into Zweihanders and found out there was a guy named Pier Gerlof Donia. He was a Frisian freedom fighter and so massive in size,that he could decapitate multiple foes with one blow using his 7 feet tall (2.15 meters) Zweihander.

    Christ,can you imagine someone big enough to wield this effectively?:hopelessness:

  • Haha yeah. I found that while looking for zweihander reference material too. Pretty goddamn crazy.

  • Im wondering if he wore armor and such. I cant imagine seeing something like that on the battlefield and not crapping your pants…

  • He was a peasant but he made friends with a duke. It was a Burgundian duke. The Burgundians valued the lower classes more than most. So he may very well have acquired armour.

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