Bug Fullscreen

  • Hello,
    First, I will be brief because I do not speak English but French, so the text will be translated into other languages …

    Let’s move made, I have a powerful computer, I can run a maximum of Chivalry, but when I put in the full screen setting, as soon as I click save, then, the game crash and when I try to restart, it calls into full screen then crash.

    So in conclusion, I can play when windowed mode and it is irritating.

  • What resolution are you running?

    You can try running the game in windowed mode then using alt-Enter to switch to full screen, does it still crash?

    What’s the error message of the crash?

    You can also try the startup options: -borderless -resx=1920 -resy=1080
    (assuming 1920x1080 resolution)

  • Hi, I also have this problem. I’ve found that it only crashes when I launch it through steam. If I go into the games folder and launch from the .bat file, it launches just fine without crashing. I’d much rather be able to launch it though steam though.

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