• While playing this sexy piece of work, I realized there is no epic background music to further heighten the metal-clanking, battle-crying, artery-tearing experience. When I roll down with my brethren I want to feel like ****ing Aragorn!

    So with that said, does anyone have any epic, film score music they could share that would put me in the mood to chop heads and slice arms? Better yet, why not add Chivalry’s own soundtrack that would perfectly compliment its environment?

    Here’s my contribution

    Sorry in advance i this is the wrong sub-forum, i’m kinda lost :(

  • There is music, but it only kicks in at the last 2 minutes or so of a match/round. It would be nice to have music the entire time though, I agree!

  • play itunes in the background?

  • @StuartSmiles:

    play itunes in the background?

    Clap Clap. Are you serious? Why do you think most developers try to implement good music scores in their game?
    Plus, In-game music is sync with in-game song (for most game) and doesn’t disturb the important in-game song. Third party music does.

  • I think its good the way it is. If you were really on a medieval battlefield, you wouldn’t be listening to music. you would just hear the sounds of men screaming all around you, and the clanks of metal on metal. It would also be more difficult judging which direction someone is running at you. PS. this should be in “Ideas and Suggestions”. This isn’t exactly General Discussion.

  • You know you can go to the sound options and check “Enable Persistant Backround music”

    TO play the Soundtrack to the game at all times…

    The more you know…if you bother to look.

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