Can't parry for a while after release timer finishes

  • So yeah, after hitting an attack on an enemy a few patches ago I could block the next attack successively. Now, the only way I can do that is by doing a rapid combo-feint-to-parry after a delayed hit on an enemy (hitting with a dragged OH for example) and effectively blocking the next attack. This is really redundant and shitty because you lose the stamina for combofeinting and stamina for blocking (which should be so much less than it is now)

    Does anyone else notice this, especially in FFA/TO? You can quite clearly see the attack coming but you can’t do shit until the release animation is completley finished, but the problem with that as well is that with some weapons (Greatsword, Longsword, Halberd…) there is a short “tail” after the animation finishes where you are left spamming RMB till it finally blocks; usually too late anyway. Just felt this needed to be addressed because it’s an example of an issue that deters people from playing.

  • This has been happening for a lot longer than a few patches ago. I reported this issue ages ago before I even knew about CFTP. It does seem like some of the animations aren’t quite synced up with the timings. Though sometimes people are probably pushing RMB slightly before the animation is even finished. Not helped by the fact that with other weapon the release time stops slightly before the animation finishes anyway allowing a parry. No consistency.

    But I’m not usually in a position where I need to parry immediately after release. CFtP is more reliable the stam cost is worth it if you aren’t battling over stamina with an enemy.

    And I think you mean recovery anyway, the period and animation after release. You can’t parry in recovery. CFTP bypasses that. I’m assuming you’re meaning you can’t parry once the weapon looks like it has gone back to idle.

  • I have had weird Mouse functions lately as well. I will be fighting and then none of the mouse buttons will work. I can still turn and look around but nothing when pressed. But as soon as I die and respawn, the buttons are back. I wonder if that is related. I cannot replicate it as it happens randomly and maybe only once or twice a gaming session. It is a fairly new machine and as well as a new mouse. It is just weird and sometimes It will not parry till I die. Then respawn and function is back.

  • @lemonater47:

    I reported this issue ages ago before I even knew about CFTP.

    oh which post was that?

    oh never mind, almost 10,000 posts you couldnt answer that lol

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