• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLKpnHp5hQo

    BACKSTORY: some big nosed kid called kian decided to call himself the best knight and act like an arrogant asshole so we scrimmed his team, destroyed him and when they tried to scrim us again they pussied out for some reason and kian decided to become a man that night and decided to grow some barry big bollox so he busted out the big 1v1 challenges onto our team

    so my buddy went for it since kian called him out (its not me playing, just a good m8) and unfortunately for him he is an actual big boy

    heres the result, the utter destruction, enjoy, kid got put to sleep and lots of tears were shed before and after - remember guys dont trashtalk unless you have the skills to back it up

    ps: dont flag as r a p e pls

  • oh ye I remember kian
    I was playing on an old duel server once wanting to practice feints when kian came and started FFAing me for no reason then votekicked me

    That’s all I can remember about him
    sadly he rekt me because I sucked at feint fights back then (probably still do lmao)

  • Everyone who comments in this thread is proving I’m better than them

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